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Tie trouble

We graduated to the knotty ties from the plain old ties(POTs) in Class 9, which Mooku would remember. Kishore of SK fame, Guru and he would come to my home on the way to our school. One of them would help me with the simple (complex to me) knots and we would proceed. I never learnt to tie a knot because there was one of these kind souls around every time I wanted to. I was glad when I moved to the new school which did not require us to wear a tie, leave alone knots. I was relieved. I belong to that school (sic), which believes that shoes and ties are not for the Indian environment, more true for the humid locales of Tamil Nadu.

Over to Guindy. Placements and ties are closely tied to one another. In our final year, I managed to learn to tie two different knots. But I was nowhere close to a perfect knot. So it was either my classmates or my wingmates who ensured that I go well-tied to the interviews. I was out of the process at my third attempt luckily. Come February and the GDs that came out of CAT 2000. Once, I had to request a fellow candidate to help me with the tie at the interview centre. Soon I hit upon the solution every ignorant ‘untied’ soul knows. Never untie a knot tied once properly. This worked for me like a breeze every time later.

I was unfortunate that my company did not insist on us wearing ties. The idiot I am, I had unknotted the ties and kept them neatly folded. For all the few GDs that came my way during those years, Alex was my support. I am thankful to him for the fateful knot he tied four years ago, which also helped me get here. I had it preserved through the years till a month back when I pulled the narrow end a little longer and lo, I was lost again. In one of our classes, I had to borrow a tie and requested the owner for the knot shamelessly. He wondered sarcastically if I really worked for four long years, without knowing how to wear a tie.

Our placement committee sent us a HowTo for a Windsor knot recently, courtesy this site. I failed miserably when I tried to do it myself using the instructions. I went and asked Govar who is one of the resident expert knotters here. The knot was perfect. I tried to learn after five years and realised that I don’t have the knack for the knot. Alexander himself could only cut the Gordian knot. History might be different if he had been asked to tie a knot! All said, both my ties are now knotted and I would not disturb this for a long time. Folks, wish me luck for an important week (summer placements) at school.

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  1. A
    25 October 2005 at 10:45 pm

    Good luck with your summer placements! Dont get tied yourself into knots thinking about it ;-)!

  2. 26 October 2005 at 8:40 am

    Have you tried not wearing a tie? It’s always worked for me… 🙂

  3. Gopi
    26 October 2005 at 12:06 pm

    Best of luck. Wish that you get placed in a company that insists on wearing tie.

  4. Me
    27 October 2005 at 5:32 am

    good luck on summer placements 🙂

    my friend tied it for me on my graduation and i kept it safe and used it in all the interviews……now i need to learn or make him do his magic on all my ties…..

  5. 27 October 2005 at 6:35 am

    a, i think i know who you are, lady 🙂 gopi and me, thanks for the wishes. gopi, why do you always wish wrong for me? mooku, not wearing a tie is not an option, dear.

  6. Juri
    31 October 2005 at 3:37 pm

    Good luck my friend on summer placements. Here is some resources for tieing the Prince Albert and other knots.

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