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It sounds like another sober post. But, isn’t any sociable human being fascinated by the art/science of parenting? Every one has experienced parenting. This best-seller has a chapter on what makes a perfect parent. The author talks about obsessive parenting and wonders if parents shape children, as has been told us from times immemorial. He mentions that parenting experts contradict each other very well.

My appa and amma have not been so demanding of me, though I wish they were more communicative. We are all preservers of the silence. But I always am overwhelmed by my appa’s only wish that I do well. This selfless desire of seeing your child develop and reach greater heights is a thing I would cherish forever. Early at school, SHE felt her mom always wanted her to get no rank than the first one. Another of my friends’ mom insisted he does not get a lower rank than their neighbour who stayed in the opposite house. Another friend’s mom felt that friends hindered him from studying well. The best-seller also states that peers influence a person more than her parents. Why so much fuss?

I have also felt in high school that I should let my child grow this way. I would like to make sure he learns to swim by 5, play, read and develop into a well-rounded personality than a uni-dimensional grade-oriented theorist the school systems produce here. It is fascinating that along with the dreams of how my girl should be also come the thoughts of how I should care for my child. In college, I came upon Aruna Raghavan’s columns in the Sunday Express and have been terribly impressed by her insights. She comes from one of the best schools in Madras, PSBB if I am not wrong. Abi’s having a great time observing Madhu grow up. Abi has been reading a guide to parenting. On my advice, Abi also ordered “Your child can be a genius” written by Aruna Raghavan and published by Indian Express. She also liked the book. I am yet to see the book, but I am sure I will need it one day. Let’s see what happens then 🙂

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  1. SK
    9 November 2005 at 1:49 pm

    >. lets see what happens then :–)

    hey convery regards to sis and the little one.
    Send pics too if possible.

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