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Chennaile oru summer process

Interviews are an interesting exercise, if I am on the other side. Questions are fun to ask, especially if they are broad as posed to management students. Group discussions are also fun, provided you can think and talk on your feet(walking is passe). It has been twenty days since our summer placements started and we have strict reminders not to divulge anything about them to the outside world, read beyond the campus. First things first. After hearing stories, my inner mind feels most summer jobs are time-pass months though a foreign internship meant so much and we don’t have any. I am a stupid long-timer and two months is too less for me to make an impact, much less cause a ripple. Also, there was this fear that experienced folks have it tough. Here I report my experience, leaving some things to your intelligent minds.

The placement committee calls it the ‘process’. Day 0. A dream FMCG major for all wannabe MBAs. I learnt that college academics matter for placements. I had marked myself not to be in the top 10%, top 20% and top 30%. Day 1. Just two shortlists. Freshers and good students are easily preferred. My first GD was with the ‘brotherly’ company, which has recently started recruting MBAs from the top schools. For a change, they let the group chose the topic. Inspite of they having given us a choice, I didn’t let them know I am not very comfortable with the chosen field, movies. I did not speak much that my neighbour almost prompted me during the discussion. My first interview with the top paying company on campus. A feel good interview. I felt confident walking out, though I could have done better. But so does every one else. How’ll they select us if every one feels confident? A serious question. I doubt my preparations. Day 2. I know I didn’t make it yesterday because they whisper in your ears if you are OUT of the process. An extra couple of shortlists. The baby soap question interview extends for half an hour where I wonder how I will fit into marketing, confuse my goals with the choice of projects and ramble along nicely with the gentleman. I must rehearse my choice of internship disciplines (marketing or operations or HR or finance). In any case, no financial services concern is concerned about me given my old age and financially challenged resume. My group discussions go from okay to worse. I hate them. Am I analytically or orally challenged? I am lucky to be selected in one. But the interview is horrible. I reveal that I am a skeptic and I cannot justify it. Our normal routine is disturbed. The end of the day reveals the list of people who are OUT. I am still IN. Day 3,4. Similar story. One company decides it shall offer HR projects and have direct interviews. I am disappointed with not a single interview for the day so I want to take up how much I remember of our behavioural courses. It looks like I am IN for a long time. How am I to develop an interest for marketing when I cannot even market myself? More than half the internships are for marketing!

The second stage of the ‘process’ is called rolling. This year, placements have had a dream time on every campus. I don’t bother about the process as I believe it is their headache and not mine (how sad). I could see some students pretty depressed and shedding tears over such an insignificant (for me) event. I knew it is only a matter of time. Though I wish it does not happen this way, I never felt confident after any interview or discussion. If I were them, I would not select me. Simple. Maybe, I still think of the days when I did the interviewing and the skills we expected of a geek are different from those of a manager (any four-letter words?) We roll randomly. One interview with an Indian consulting firm. I am asked a Mckinsey-type question – estimating the market potential for gents’ shoes in India. The devil is in the details. One discussion about retail in India. It is imperative that I speak more clearly and am able to convince the others too. More than 10 days! One more telephonic interview. I find myself telling them my plus points are my analytical skills (pray, I have to find what that means). They talk about a particular technology project towards the end, planting faint hopes in my feverish heart. But this does not really mean anything. I am guilty of inducing false hopes in the interviews I have conducted. Again I would not have selected myself. I did so bad. After three days, my neighbours congratulate me that I am OUT of the process. I won’t ever understand how I get selected. More importantly, the internship is at Madras, one of the IN cities for the next two decades. I call up Abi, who is happy that I shall be IN time for Madhu’s fiirst mottai on her mama madi. Here is the news, April and May in Madras.

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  1. Me
    20 November 2005 at 5:34 am

    kalakita sparkey…good luck …

    off topic i checked out sophies world weeks ago but no time …..:(

  2. 20 November 2005 at 8:01 am

    thanks me, i wish you read it:)

  3. A
    20 November 2005 at 12:13 pm

    Congratulations :-)! I can understand how u feel about interviews – I manage to mess up most of them too!

  4. gopi
    20 November 2005 at 3:02 pm

    chennai cursed once again..

  5. 22 November 2005 at 7:18 am

    A, that’s surprising to me! gopi, wait till i get to bangalore again…

  1. 19 October 2008 at 6:21 am

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