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My best girl

Of late, I have been watching many movies. I watched Ram, Arindhum Ariyamalum, Paarthiban Kanavu, Oru Kallooriyin Kadhai, Gundaka Mandaka, Mr and Mrs Iyer and Children of Heaven in a span of 10 days. Not to forget, I have been irregular with my readings. The shine of a new education is gone. The last movie is an Iranian one. I don’t remember watching many foreign movies. This must be my second or third movie. It could even be the first. Somehow, the subtitles were also not working. But I could feel the movie right through. It is about a poor boy and his sister in Iran. The boy misplaces her shoe. What follows later is best watched. They have to share his shoe. She first goes to her class and comes running to pass the shoes to him. He becomes a regular late-comer to his school. He is a good athlete. A race comes up in the city, with a shoe at stake for the third place. He represents his school in the race and comes first, sadly. I liked the girl’s speaking eyes. There is ample expression of the love between siblings. On a side note, they suspect a girl of taking the shoe and they find that she is poor and not a thief. The movie is emotional. I am always impressed by children in books or movies. And it reminds me of my own sister.

I was in my UKG. I had come to Madras with my Thatha. That was the first time I had come anywhere without my Amma. I don’t know if I missed my Amma much. But my Mama’s place had a TV in those early days and there was this ‘Nirma washing powder ad’ where a little girl whirls around on her flock. That set me crying. I was reminded of Abi and demanded that I see her immediately. My Mama and my Thatha had no option. My Thatha took me to the railway station. We had only the Vaigai Express to Madurai in the day. Off we caught an EMU to Egmore. I complained to my Thatha that Thoothukudi is to the other side, little knowing about Egmore. It was late night about 2pm when we reached home. I was happy to be with Abi. I missed her more than my Amma. That is a long time ago.

We had plenty of adventures and secrets together. She remains my first voice at my home. I used to call her Karuppayi, in spite of the fact that I have a darker skin. During our engineering days, we used to meet only when we had common holidays. We got away from each other. We exchanged occasional letters. Seeing her on her birthday remained a priority to me. If we find a scapegoat – usually one of our cousins – we make sure we rip them apart with our pulling. She knows almost all my friends. In fact, she gently teases my amma on my non-existing girlfriend. In the first two years at Bangalore too, I used to write letters to her. And then, it was only the phone. I would just call her to listen to her voice. It’s a comfort feeling that she is my li’l sis.

In the final year at Guindy, Leela and I were going out together for our coaching classes, Andhra meals and a few movies. We were progressing to be good chums. Abi knew all this and told my amma that I am roaming around with Leela. Amma shied away from the banter, saying that only Appa can talk about it. Thatha said as long the girl is fair, it is all-right. I was silently observing all the melee. Abi incited the fun by adding more stories to the topic. It was almost as if I could find out how my family would react if I get a girlfriend. Unfortunately, Leela happens to be a boy. Oh, the joy of Indian names…

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  1. Jo
    2 December 2005 at 7:30 am

    Hey P*, I watched Children of Heaven a couple of days ago. It’s definitely one of the best children’s movies I have watched in recent times. I would suggest you watch ‘Color of Paradise’, another compassionate Iranian movie. The movie is about a father who tries to disown his blind kid. Hope you would enjoy it too!

  2. 2 December 2005 at 3:42 pm

    what a coincidence! the post is labeled my best girl and you comment. thanks for honouring me dear!

  3. A
    2 December 2005 at 10:18 pm

    Ah that’s sweet. I think bonds between siblings is sth too good. I know my sister and I drive my parents crazy when we are at something together :-)!

  4. 3 December 2005 at 10:13 pm

    hey A, i wanted to ask about your elder sis. what’s she doing now? her name also starts with A, rite?

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