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Winter is here

The 1st of December is here with a pleasant surprise. I step out of my room at 8 to have my bath and see mist all around. It stays with us till we rush to our classes, prompting many of us to reach for their warm clothes. Indore has extreme climate. I keep checking the Weather tab of Yahoo for the daily temperatures. Soon after my birthday, they dipped alarmingly to a low of 10 and always ranged from 10 to 32. This implies that the days are hot and the nights cold. I suffered from a bout of cold, fever and breathing trouble thanks to this new experience. This prompted me to get a set of winter apparel. The first round saw me picking a Westside fleecelike jacket for 950. The next week I saw an ad for an Oswals sale. This time I pick up a jacket, a sweater, a Chirag Din shirt, a pair of hand gloves and a skullcap since I find the prices pretty competitive. I am getting my first sweater after a looong time. I have not worn one in Guindy or in Bangalore. Coming back, I have only used the gloves and the hat till today. The rest are pack-fresh in my cupboard. There is one more jacket our sports committee has given, which also lies new with the rest. I find my old jacket useful enough so far.

Madras’s winters are mild and nothing to write about. But this is where I got used to bathing in cold water. At home, Thatha and Amma pamper me by making hot water in open fireplaces. The warmth you get by standing close to them more than makes up for their smoke. The first winter in Bangalore had possibly the lowest temperatures of all my four years. Abi was there for some time. I did not have my bike and so the cold was easily bearable. The second winter got me into ear trouble and forced me to get a helmet just to avoid the chillness getting into the ears. The other two winters were pretty mild by Bangalore’s standards. This winter I was all set to go for a week long trip to the north imagining fun in the snow, but my plans did not work out making me very disappointed. I resigned sadly to going back home. Appa and Amma were very happy for me coming home though I was not at all inclined. Abi is opting to stay with me during that week with Madhu. So I would spend some of my winter at Thoothukudi, in the beach, in the sun and in the warmth of my loved ones.

The whole of today had a misty cover and the sun rarely came out. The winds are also chilly. Our school as you might know by now is affectionately called the hilltop resort and so it is colder than the city. There are at least four schools and colleges in Indore on such hillocks, all leading to a delightful environment. Chandoo has a snap of our college at 9am and it looked pretty similar today at 11am. I have managed to acclimatise well with the cold now that I hardly use my jacket at college. It also helps to keep my room closed and I can sleep with minimal clothes as I prefer. Now the weather is ideal for trips. I wish we had taken our Maheshwar trip this month as the day temperature has dipped considerably. I now look forward to a chilly time without too many health interruptions and I shall use my new purchases pretty soon.

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  1. gopi
    3 December 2005 at 4:02 pm

    now-a-days bangalore is also getting colder & colder.
    i have seen you wearing sweater few times in bangalore..
    what happened to your jerkin, the one with which you used to frighten the city by not washing it…

  2. 3 December 2005 at 10:12 pm

    mr. gopi, you question my integrity here. i say that i haven’t worn a sweater in 8 years till this day. i didn’t have a sweater in bangalore, period. refresh your memory da. my jacket has been my faithful companion through the rains and the winters, unwashed as you rightly point out. πŸ˜‰

  3. sk
    5 December 2005 at 7:17 pm

    πŸ™‚ Enjoy the winter, now.
    I have started dreading winters after my first real one.

  4. Shraddha sood
    11 December 2008 at 10:47 am

    Its cool to be in choupal sagar dewas i went choupal on my birthday i liked choupal sagar as it has fulfilled our needs.

  5. Deepak baragi
    29 March 2009 at 1:45 am

    Enjoy the winter, now.
    I have started dreading winters after my first real one.
    and i m cashier in chopal sagar in ujjain

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