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The pass

Much as I would like to believe that I am having a great time here, I can not help feeling that I have become lazier and more disorganised too. Maybe I want it to be this way. 2006 has been one of the laziest starts to a year in my life. It is the time I realise that something I have yearned for all along remains so distant to me still. I am wrong for sure. You do a few things, wish for a few more and hope that you get to a point. Having reached my short-term destination, I consider myself big for it and feel that it’s not such a great thing after all. When do I consider things really worthwhile? It’s the cynic or the skeptic in me. The cynic is the worse guy.

I forget that I cried just two years back for not even trying hard to get past the blocks. Here also I am not even trying. I began well, as always. One fine day, I come unstuck and  there stop the efforts. Unless some angel falls out of the heavens and helps me prod along! I won’t even trust the angel too. I must come out of this lazy bug that has bit me for the last two months. On campus, I fulfil my basic needs and do barely more. People here see me as some one stuck to my room and rising only for the classes, the quizzes and the daily football game. Football provides the perfect place to escape. It shows me how lost I am. How I miss sitters! How I do not even run with the others! I dare not risk my leg happy losing the ball than playing with it. But I continue to play football.

The 18 month duration of the course looks ideal for me. I know that I will be out in Mar 2007. I shall have an extended vacation with opportunity costs. I shall know more stuff and wonder how I shall use or apply them, if at all. I shall not strive hard. I shall get away with doing minimum.  Crossing the stretch would be what I will do. Passes are enough for me. At the end, I’ll be still out with a branded identity which I won’t very much like. I will remember this after five years. These are the rambles of an idle mind. I shall pass! I shall pass!

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  1. sk
    25 January 2006 at 8:35 am

    Share the same thought process often times.
    Only difference is that while at school, you have the ‘freedom’ to be lazy! :–)
    Buck up buddy and good luck!
    I guess things are not as bad as you portray them.

  2. 25 January 2006 at 7:52 pm

    this is exactly what mee told me when i told her i’m lazier and don’t at all put an effort. thanks for the wishes, ma’m

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