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I am in love…

…with a cute village called Mhow. The first time I went to it was some time in July last year. That was a discovery trip when we ended up going all the way to Choral Dam. I liked the quaint look of the place. The cantonment is an awesome sight during the monsoons with the greens of nature mixing well with the military greens. We saw a few villas of the military majors on the way. We had patties (puffs in Thoothukudi) at MonaLisa foods in the City Center(Mhow’s). The second time we were supposed to go to Patal Pani, but we ended up going to Badwah on the Omkareshwar route through Mhow. That time, it was the town market and the cows on the Badwah road which were fascinating. It was quite similar to some of our native villages where my amma and appa had grown up.

We went through Mhow for most of our trips, the Patal Pani one when we ate at the Bakery near the Indore checkpost, the Sheetala Mata one when some of us took photos with a tank and the Maheshwar trip. Every time I passed through the town, I felt a strange sense of liking. The old world look and the small town feeling probably made me nostalgic. Once again, we were on a hunt for nonveggie snacks. We explored the place and ended up eating some oddly named chicken item which I hope not to eat again. Our next stop was a veggie joint (Baba…) where we had samosas and sabudhana kichdi. We winded up with sweets at a Lal shop on the parallel road to the Main Road. Both were decent eateries with space to seat ourselves. This was in the second term.

In my first visit to Mhow this term, we discovered Kerala restaurant (now fondly called the Mallu mess) just opposite the football ground and had a feast. We started coming regularly here because the sambhar and dosas were so similar to the ones we make at home, the fish fry was tasty and the prices were out of the world. Of course you get tasty Kerala parottas. I haven’t got the chance to eat my dear Appams yet. We always wash our stomachs with thick natural fruit juices at the shop next to Dreamland theatre. The anar, orange and chikku juices remind me of the delightful juices we had in Bangalore.

There is the Mall road and there is the Main road in Mhow. The shopping delight is the Main Road. There are shops selling military greens, hotels advertising South Indian food and branded shops. I always get a card just before Valentine’s Day. There was a huge crowd that thronged the Main Road and its parallel roads so much so that there was almost no space to move. Later we found that these people were celebrating a Muslim festival. There are a few lovely card shops on the Main Road in Mhow, stocking an adequate number of Archies, Hallmarks and ITC ones. I picked one as my friend browsed through the bookstore opposite. I went and joined his search. That is my first book store in Indore. I pointed to him an essay collection of Arundhati Roy which he promptly purchased. I was pleasantly surprised to find Indian prints of Ayn Rand, “The World is Flat” and many other popular books at a steal.

Not to forget, there is a Lotus restaurant in the basement of Mhow Coffee House just after the Dreamland theatre where you can eat dosas as they have a South Indian cook. Its owner asked me if I am from Kottayam and told me that Mhow has plenty of Mallus. Meanwhile one of our friends found the Agrawal’s bakery on the Main Road which has tasty muffins and Swiss rolls, though a tad expensive at Rs.30. We have also had food under the moon in the Colonel’s Dhaba just after Mhow, which is an open air restaurant. There is this Cantonment Garden which looks so pleasant a park and I shall enjoy the cool Malwa breeze there some time soon.

I have met a few fellow Tamilians at the Kerala hotel. Some guys work for Eicher and some are in the truck industry. Every time I tell them I am from Thoothukudi and I am a student, they find it strange how a Thoothukkudi guy can have anything to do with studying this far. What will they do if I tell them quite a few of my friends are all there in the Americas? The only problem I have is the lack of an ICICI ATM. The other day, I had to repair a friend’s specs. The screws had gone loose and the optical shop lady repaired it at no cost. I could not believe my ears when she did not want any money for the minor repair. You do get some things free in life…

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  1. Me
    28 February 2006 at 9:26 am

    indha postku mhow ney title vechi irukalam….so did u give the card?

  2. sk
    28 February 2006 at 7:55 pm

    wow, your adventure trips sound exciting.

    >>I always get a card just before Valentine’s Day
    .. err.. for..? 😉

  3. gopi
    1 March 2006 at 11:11 am

    “optical shop lady repaired it at no cost”. They do it in bangalore also and I used that service once. It is a trick to attract customers to their shop; if you want to buy any optics, then there is a better probability of you visiting that shop. Anyway, it doesn’t cost them. As they are not wasting any of their resource except time which otherwise would be spent looking at the road.

  4. 1 March 2006 at 1:49 pm

    okay okay. hope the comments section works fine now, me boy.

    sorry to disappoint you folks. i get a birthday card every feb 🙂

    gopi, as for the optician, it was my first experience and so it shocked me. now that you tell me you have also done that, it doesn’t look so great 😉

  5. A
    2 March 2006 at 10:35 am

    Hmm, why do you *always* have to include the part about food in your travel write-ups?? My poor mouth immediately starts watering :-(! But I do like the rest of it :-)!
    Oh btw, I thought in India opticians always do this screw-tightening and repairing stuff for free. I have got it done before too. Poor you, took so long to realize which things in life come for free :-)!

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