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A long day in the last leg

23 Feb 11.30pm One of my project mates tells me that I need to present NZ’s STEP and SWOT analyses for our Developments in Indian and World Economics course. I have a cursory look at the slides. I had contributed to the political analysis and had looked at a few pages including the celebrated case of why reforms failed in New Zealand. There is a higher likelihood for a quiz in our last marketing lecture today (24 Feb). So I read our relationship marketing lecture. As I lie down to sleep at 12.30am, I recall the main points of the literature mentally. It feels good to revise this way. The heat is so oppressive and I can feel it in my bed. I think it is time I go back to sleeping on the floor. I look at the light filtering through the windows and I have a faint feeling it should be around 6. I had an alarm at 6 and I unfortunately failed to turn it on. Luckily my body alarm wakes me up 5 min past 6. After a quick mail and blog check, I prepare the case notes on the BA case for our marketing lecture. At 7.30, I peruse the NZ slides for the presentation. I take about 20 minutes to get ready for today’s classes. We have a long day ahead, unusual for our first year and more typical of the second year where schedules go haywire. A quick chat with my cousin leads me to Pixelated Moments, which is a photoblog by a fellow Thoothukudi guy who has lived in Bangalore and Madras.

I stop by the mess at 9 and have a leisurely breakfast of aloo mutter sandwiches before reaching the class in time for the 9.30lecture. We don’t have a marketing quiz. I do a decent job with the presentation in the second lecture. Our professor distributes books for all toppers in his quiz. I am lucky(yes) to get a mini EB volume 5 (He to Ky). He’s the only guy who does this. Who doesn’t love a book? But encyclopedias! I finish surfing through Francis Fukoyama’s Trust, a book on social capital and spontaneous sociability with an equal emphasis on trust in sound economic performance. I have a quick lunch. We have strategy presentations in the afternoon. I have a quick nap for 10 minutes to get ready for the long evening. After having mostly 3 lectures in a day, having 8 lectures seems to be a painful chore.

Most of the strategy presentations are interesting. Our group’s was the best of the day and we all feel proud of the lone member who contributed to the success. By the time the presentations get over, we hardly have time for the next series of lectures which were supposed to start at 6. By a twist of luck, one of thle lectures is postponed to tomorrow and the other starts late at 6.30. I almost sleep half-way through the lecture. My body clock does not co-operate and my eyes are so tired in spite of the fact that I have only been using my mental faculties in the day. I feel irritated when the lecture overshoots by a few minutes. I rush back to my room and grab an hour of sleep before getting ready for the next set of activities for the coming week.

We are in the final stretch of our first year. Next Saturday, we have our last exam of the first year on strategy and the convocation of the outgoing batch. Till then we have one of the most hectic schedules of this year in the coming week – no breaks, long days, project presentations, preparations for the term exams(?) and homesick feelings. Past that, we will be free to do our internships. Maybe, I should look back at the first year now. My selective ethics does not let me blog from the company where I will intern. Maybe, I will change my mind or I will get a net connection at Abi’s place.

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  1. A
    25 March 2006 at 7:26 am

    8 lectures in a day!!?!? Just thinking about it makes my head spin!! Good luck with your looooooonnng week.

    And greater luck with your “selective ethics does not let me blog from the company where I will intern” resolution ;-)!

  2. sk
    26 March 2006 at 6:35 am

    Wow your schedule sounds totally full!!

    Good luck buddy! :))

  3. 27 March 2006 at 10:13 pm

    sk, A>> romba thanks.

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