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House hunting in Bangalore

The first time I was in Bangalore (2001), Alex and the others did the job for me. All I had to was occupy the single bedroom(BR) I got allocated to me in the 1BR house we rented in Nanja Reddy Colony off Airport Road. They went through the broker Baasha (a Kannada Jain) whose house we occupied. We paid a whopping 7k for that small house. Inspite of it being furnished, we were cheated the first time. When rents dropped very soon after its peaks in 2001, the place went for 5.5k when we vacated. The company had laid off one of our mates and so we stayed there for about 7 months. For the second house, I only identified Wilson Garden as midway between Bannerghatta Road and Residency Road. Prakash and the rest did the job that time through two brokers — for which we faced problems later. We were six of us in the pretty expansive house (owned by a Gult family) – a 3BR home we picked at a decent 7.5k. I stayed comfortably for more than a year and a half.

The first time I went hunting for one was when I intended to stay alone in 2003. I picked up the latest copy of Free Ads and looked for the cheapest possible option. There was a 1BR flat in Austin Town for 2.5k – a bargain in my opinion – given the rude start we had to rents in Bangalore. It was an old redox (red oxide) BDA flat built 25 years back. It had a equally-sized BR, hall and kitchen (I never used this), quite big for a bachelor with no material possessions except a few dresses and books. The owner was a Gujju businessman, pretty loudspoken. Satisified with the bargain, I happily paid the advance the same day and occupied it the next day. I stayed there for a little over a year and a half. I decided that it is time I got myself closer to where I work and so I intended to shift to Domlur. Gopi and I looked at a few places around the Airport Road junction and had almost finalized one when I made it here.

This time though, it was a little different. It is 2006 and I am looking for proper homes where Abi, my mom and Madhu can stay. Needless to state, I pick up the latest FreeAds and make a shortlist of the houses I can call/visit that day. Townhall is where she works and my choice of areas would be Basavanagudi, VV Puram, Jaya Nagar, Shanti Nagar and Wilson Garden. Abi says she doesn't mind commuting a little more if the home is perfect for Madhu. I start with one in Ulsoor – the Tamil heartland in Bangalore. I know it is quite far, but the landlord had advertised for a decent Tamil family — such ads are real funny — which I am sure we are one. I talk to his wife, check out the 2BR redox place on the 1st floor and am pleased to an extent. There is no separate entrance for the house, but it is spacious. Sometimes, the landlord is as important as the place and he looks gentle. He asks for 4.5k. I even take Amma to have a look. All along, she has been used to forcing herself to others' opinons and this time too, she didn't think too much and was okay with the place. The landlord and his wife are very elderly people and try to sell us the advantages of the place. He runs a temple nearby and I am sure Madhu would have grown to be a very religious girl if she lived there. I tell them I shall bring Abi later in the evening and promptly pay a token advance if she is satisfied. But doubts still linger in my mind.

Armed with a house at hand, I go ahead. I call the second guy who has a 2BR house for 5k at Sakkamma Garden, quite close to South End Circle. I manage to converse in the little Kannada I know with his wife. His name ends in some iah and is so tough to pronounce. I figure out that he is away and I need to come back later. The weather is a tad pleasant and threatens to rain just like it has over the last several days. I call the third guy, a Muslim banker at Jaya Nagar 4th T Block. The house is right on the T Block Main road, a lot closer to Abi's office and again I am satisfied with the 1BR home on the 1st floor and the banker. He quotes 6k as he has bachelors ready to pay the amount and is willing to reduce it to 5k for families as is the case with me. This house is definitely better than the last one, though the kitchen is smaller. The biggest advantage is its proximity to Abi's office. This guy also speaks about the many advantages of the house. I promise to bring Abi to have a look in the evening and go back to Sakkamma Garden.

This house is on the 2nd floor and is bigger than the other two. I seem to be progresing 🙂 It is also much more nearer to Abi's place. The Kannada professor is a softspoken scrupulous guy and asks an astonishing (I mean, cheap, no no, rather value for money in mbaspeak) 5k for the 2BR house he is ready to rent. He does not speak too much on the greatness of the place unlike the others. I guess he must have got enough requests given the offer. I seem to be spoilt for choice today. Abi's Tata Indicom mobile, which I was carrying, calls it quits as I have exceeded the arbitrary limits it was set to. I call the last guy in Jaya Nagar 1st Block Siddapura, house to many nurseries. I am unable to locate a yellow water tank he had told as the landmark on the way to his house. I call him back and he says, "Just ask for XYZH aunty's home". I do that and easily locate his house. His wife — the aunty — is the ward member of that area.

The guy happens to be an Erode guy though he retains little of the characteristic "enungaa", which Abi also seemed to have picked up during her study in Coimbatore. He runs a PG here and I am impressed by his interactions with the guys around. Most of the inmates of the PG are Tamil boys. He shows me two houses, both being BR ones – one on the 1st floor for 6.5k and the other on the ground floor for 6k. These houses are easily the biggest of all the ones I have seen today. 6k is a little out of the budget in my opinion. I think it is fair that Abi decides after seeing the houses. I go to her bank. She sits on the 5th floor amidst some of the most senior people. I talk to a few of them before she is done with her work. Her work timings are till 5pm but she almost always stays till 6 as she cannot go before any of the senior guys who go out much after 6.

It has not rained at all today and I take her to the Siddapura house, just 0.5km away from the back gate of Lal Bagh (as I know it) or the Lal Bagh Siddapura gate (as the owner calls it). Abi also likes the place pretty much. She does not mind about the excess over the budget. Her only criterion seems to be that the house is in the ground floor which suits Madhu the most. Of course, she trusts my opinion that this house is the best of the rest, which come at lower rents though. She does not even see the other places. After a quick call to her hubby, we decide on this place. I go to the ICICI Bank ATM at Elephant Rock, one of my favourite ATMs 😉 to pay the token advance. We go back to have a round of Amma's food. I am very happy that my Bangalore knowledge has been put to use and 3 cheers to Free Ads.

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  1. sk
    23 June 2006 at 7:05 pm

    Long post after long time. So Abi has moved to Bangalore with Madhu and Amma? Nice. It is so nice to have a bro who can do all this stuff for you! :–) Moving is more painful than the hunting I suppose.

  2. 23 June 2006 at 10:51 pm

    sk, you have neatly summarized my long post :p yes, moving is a little painful if you are doing it temporarily. here there was not much load to be moved. so that was easy 🙂

  3. A
    25 June 2006 at 12:40 am

    Aaah, house-hunting is a big pain! Good that you found a good place on day one itself :-)!

  4. gopi
    26 June 2006 at 10:42 am

    “He runs a temple nearby” ….
    i never knew that temples can be started and run privately…

  5. 26 June 2006 at 5:36 pm

    thanks, A. bangalore is a delight.

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