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Dewas trip

A long weekend, ie, we had our Saturday and Sunday for ourselves. It’s just beginning to rain here and the weather is looking good. Some of my fellow travellers had spotted this hilltop in Dewas, which had a temple and recommended that we go there. None of us are really keen about religion, but still we went. Most of us had stayed awake in the night to watch the Arg-Mex match last of the league matches. This would be my first trip in the second year. We had planned to start early in the morning and get over with the trip by 10am. The worldcup has screwed our sleep habits. It was 11am by the time the six of us got out of our campus.

It is a little over 50km away. We took the ByePass road (NH3 Agra-Bombay) and we saw the parts of Indore we had never seen before. We saw Sahara’s residential project, an ISKCON temple, a college boasting of assured admissions to prestigious American universities and the branch of Delhi Public School, one of India’s prestigious schools. We had travelled the periphery of Indore on a 30km stretch at a carefree pace when we reached the end of the byepass. We spotted an A1 Plaza and I was tempted to dine there some time. But we continued nonstop. About 10km down, we crossed the holy Kshipra (with a silent k) river. Very soon, we passed the Bhopal byepass to enter into the town. We could spot quite a few industries in this small town.

The temple was at the far end of the town. It was being renovated. We parked our bikes right at the foothills. Quenching our thirsts with lassis and chach (buttermilk) at the Sanchi Point (Aavin equivalent) just opposite the entrance, we walked the stairs to reach the 300ft high Chamuda cave. It was so hot and we were quite happy to rest in the relatively cooler temple when we reached there. For an instant, I prayed after a long time. The Jain temple located there did not open at that time and so we had to skip it. Two of us went the other way and promptly climbed up, huffing and puffing to join the others.

On our way back, we had another round of drinks at the Sanchi Point. Having heard of amazing leather goods from the Tata International surplus shop at Dewas, we hunted for it. As we asked our way around to a guy, he replied fluently in Tamil to me, having identified me as one rightly. I was delighted, but the shop was closed on Saturdays. I rejected any plans for a movie (Krish). We halted at the A1 Plaza and had a long lunch. It did not have any South Indian dishes that day. The food was good, though the service was pathetic and the quantity was less. We trooped back to our rooms by 4pm. One more direction is conquered 🙂

This post is intentionally dull.

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  1. A
    28 June 2006 at 2:53 am

    Good – for once, mercifully, you did not detail exactly what good food you ate at A1 plaza (as per your usual practice :-P)! Where are the pics?

    And, am stunned and impressed by your punctuality ;-)!

    p.s. I found the post interesting.

  2. sk
    28 June 2006 at 7:03 pm


    Why has this post been drafted intentionally dull??

  3. 30 June 2006 at 12:34 pm

    hey a, we didn’t take any pix on this trip. punctuality’s never been our virtue out of bschool

    sk, you kknow why!

  4. ashim
    20 September 2006 at 5:47 pm

    Dear Sir

    where is the sahara’s residential project situated at Dewas?

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