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Will I go beyond “Auto” mode?

A few weeks back, I was researching on a digicam. Gopi insisted that I be a prosumer (professional consumer). I discovered this Madras shop, JK Camera Zone with the lowest prices and fairly trustworthy too. My bil went and checked out the shop. The salesman was from a town near to that of my bil. I finally paid about 17k INR for a Canon A620, a 1GB SD card, a Sanyo quick charger and 4 2500 mAh batteries, delivery to Indore included. The digicam arrived yesterday. We took the camera’s first pix and a few videos.

After the initial excitement, I realised that I knew zilch when it comes to operating a digicam. This A620 is loaded with features and has been first on several top-selling lists. I have this dilemma of more features I will not use vs less features I will use fully. The “Creating Passionate Users” blog also talks about it coincidentally in this post titled, “Are your users stuck in P mode?” The major issues in the post (go read it) are the focus should be on the art of photography rather than the tool per se, the ease of use along with making the features obvious to use and the need to develop a passionate user community. I only wish I get beyond the Auto mode.

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  1. A
    11 August 2006 at 10:18 am

    Have fun with your camera :-)! Please to post pics taken with them on your blog!

  2. sk
    11 August 2006 at 7:30 pm

    Hey Good luck to going beyond Automode :–)
    There are other simple modes you can use, like night mode and landscape and stuff. Those dont need much expertise in operating a cam. :–))

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