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Across the seas

I have seen quite a bit of NZ now. But I have saved the best of it, Queenstown, for last. Queenstown is THE adventure capital of the world and the MOST popular tourist destination here. But it can wait. Friends across the Tasman Sea are beckoning me. For a change, let me travel with friends in kangaroo land. The first stop is Queensland (I often confuse it with Queenstown), where Brisbane is and Brisbane is where Madhan stays. From there, I’d hop to the de-facto capital of Oz, Sydney, spending some time with a Bschool senior Bhate. All these college connections work 🙂 A week in the smallest continent will fly indeed.

After that, it is back across the Tasman Sea to an island(s) nation. This (in my opinion) is the farthest country to let Indian passports visit without a visa, unless some of the Carribean countries also do that. Isn’t it a pain to get visas? Go ahead and guess now! One clue, one of the islands in this Polynesian (?) archipelago is the famous Castaway Island. I shall be there for 3d/3n before I have to fly back and STUDY for 50 more days in naturally nice NZ.

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  1. sk
    11 October 2006 at 10:33 am

    Dude!!! For a minute I thought you were going to Tahiti. If you are, then I am verrrrrry green. I have been eyeing that wonderful place for awhile now. And I tell you, it is a deadly sin to visit these places alone :–P
    Castaway Island is Fiji [google of course] I could be wrong.
    I am totally green all the same. The Pacific Islands are soooooo out of the world beautiful.

  2. A
    11 October 2006 at 12:00 pm

    Fiji, Fiji – you are going to Fiji! Do I get a prize for correct guessing?

  3. 11 October 2006 at 7:52 pm

    yes dear sk, DH jus told me abt your hawaii plan. dont worry 😉 you can have it to yourself. i am not wasting a day jumping over the date line. you can have tahiti too, i just looked it up. but all the same, fiji is another pacific island destination, possibly the cheapest for me 🙂 romance can wait before self-indulgence. my gal deserves better places with me, isn’t it?

    A, yes, your guess is very right. what prize do you want? lemme see if i can give one. i’ll get you one when i come to bay area in the future 🙂

  4. A
    17 October 2006 at 11:25 am

    Happy birthday, Spark :-)! Wow, so its been a year since you moved to your new blog space!

    Hope you are having fun in Oz! And yeah, you are now a 27 year old uncle 😛 (hehehehe, favor paid back in kind)!

  5. b a c q s o f t
    17 October 2006 at 2:32 pm

    birthday wish…. that Uncle has a ‘beautiful’ accident during the course of his interview(in the way that he bumps into a beautiful Aunty)…..that leads to his offer letter(the Aunty being a recruiter who immediately falls for Arun(vice versa also!)) and this love at first sight(er.. rather bump) leading to a wonderful wedding….. in the heavens ! 😉

    u deserve it da Arun. ore kallula moonu maanga. enna solra da?

    Nobody knows you better than folks at pikkachikka ?!

  6. 22 October 2006 at 12:28 pm

    hey a, thanks for the wishes. the uncle sounds nicer than the aunty

    dey bacqsoft, un aatam thaanga mudiyale da 🙂

  7. gopi
    23 October 2006 at 5:27 am

    that sounds interesting soft bacq (er.. bacqsoft). could you please throw some more light on that issue / incident ??

  8. 24 October 2006 at 8:27 am

    mr. gopi, adhu vandu karpanai, karpanai thavira veredhuvum illai. nee mooditu un velaiyai paaru 😉

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