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Reborn – a week ago

Time to recollect the happenings of last Tuesday and the night before. Sudar and I had just returned on the wet roads from the popular Gold Coast and the more popular Sea World. After meeting with Madhan and Sudar’s gang (read Mu, Ke, Di), I rested at home and was about to sleep, keeping in mind the excessive travel I had done over the last 5 days. Madhan’s home is very comfy, making it easier to sleep. But both of them called me out at 9.30pm for a late night ferry ride on the charming Brisbane river. So we walked to the nearest ferry stop Guyatt Park and boarded the ferry to the Uni of Qland and back to the North Quay. Dinner at the 24 hour Pancake Manor. I had never tasted crepes before. I only knew pancakes are dosa equivalents, thanks to menu cards in big Indian hotels. With their vast knowledge of gourmet food, Madhan and Sudar ordered the ‘best on the menu’, I think. Chicken and beef crepes were our main meals. Lemontyne, Blueberries and Macadamia nuts were our desserts for the night (just hop over to the restaurant link for yummy pictures). It was a long night, when we talked about a lot of incidents in cse2001 and laughed over them at this late age. We called out all the roll numbers and mapped all the 81 names (no mean feat)! I have this fascination for roll numbers. Given some help, I can do it for my Class 10 too. After a fresh and tasty dinner, we strolled down the streets of downtown Brisbane. They wished me on my birthday at the centre of Brisbane. The clock tower said 12.00. It was thrilling to be wished so differently. A mid-night walk to the strip tease bar and we almost entered it! I had been teasing them to take me to some adult attractions. The big lady(!) outside insisted that we wear shoes to go inside. Madhan offered to loan his shoes so I can go and have a look. But I am not so keen. Why waste money when you can wait? 😉 Past that near miss, we took a shuttle back to home for a peaceful night of sleep.

Once the 3 of us got ready on the next day, we took a bus to Lone Pine, a koala (pronounced kwala) sanctuary. Appa wishes me on the bus. Abi and Amma wish me just as we enter the sanctuary. I don’t know why Amma has to cry this time. The trick is not to let them call me, but I should surprise them so she does not cry. But women cannot be predicted 🙂 Madhan and Sudar knew the park by heart and took me straight to my birthday hug with a cute male koala called Conrad. After that, we picked up some kangaroo food and went to the kangaroo rest area. It is an awesome feeling to feed and pat the kangaroos. After that short and sweet sanctuary trip, we stop by Toowong Plaza so I may do my picture postcards for the day. I pick up a Jacaranda card, the Brisbane river sight and a kangaroo card. I finish writing the addresses and end up posting the cards also. Sudar asks me if I have read “The Da Vinci code”. I didn’t get the hint and absent-mindedly say yes (I guess, few book-lovers would say no). Sudar says another name, which I haven’t heard of before. We await Madhan, who comes with his next surprise, a copy of The Bride Stripped Bare, a very apt gift for me. I am lost for words.

We stop by Sizzlers for a Spring salad bar. Somehow, I eat less on this very different buffet lunch. We hang around for a little less than 2 hours. The spring special Jacaranda tree Jacaranda flowers are in their beautiful best and we take a few snaps with them. After that, Sudar goes back home. Madhan and I catch the ferry to South Bank, which has an artificial beach. I have a loo break (all thanks to the great food bestowed on me). Later he shows me the sights of South Bank. After a short walk by the very different artificial beach near the river bank, we stop at Batavia cafe near the cinema complex. It is a quaint cafe, with a historical feel of the Dutch East Indies (go find out Batavia’s new name). He has iced tea and I have a very different herbal tea. A flower bud is placed in a cup. We pour hot water on top of it and it slowly blooms. As it fully blooms beautifully, the hot water gets some strains and becomes herbal tea. A truly different and refreshing tea!

A walk along the Brisbane river in spring time with the pleasant purple sights of the jacaranda flowers is the city’s favourite pastime, I am told. We cross the river and see the immense traffic on one of the bridges, choc-a-block with buses and cars. There is more diversion in the walkways. Madhan asks one friendly(?) cop, who just says “Round that block, that way!” and hears no more. We walk around and back to the river walkway. We walk by the river for about half an hour, discussing round-the-world trips. This exchange trip has kindled my deep desires for travel in South America. Isn’t that a convenient stop after NZ? Argentina and Chile, I will come soon.

We had promised to dine at the gang’s den. We reached there a little past 7. Ke and Sa were cooking, while the patient Mu was resting. A lot of gentle banter once every one settles in. I easily get lost on who is teasing whom. But Mu is the easy target for all of them. Ke and Di are veggies, but after Madhan’s jokes Ke insists on having kangaroo meat specially for us. I can’t believe that in the morning, we feed them and in the evening, we feed on them. Madhan is the meat cook(er/ie). The cooking gets frenetic once Sudar joins in. More teasing and more fun! There is plenty to eat – chapatis, channa, rice, kangaroo meat (a little hard though). I feast on the chapatis. When every one is done, they pull out the surprise of the night – a birthday cake for me to cut. Sa just spreads cake on my face. Having been used to a great bath of eggs, cakes, sauces and what-not in Indore on birthday eve, this is nothing. I wash my face and bask in the glorious hospitality of Madhan and his gang. How I wish the day never ends! So many surprises. It feels great to spend time with a company of like-minded friends. But I have to get to Fiji next morning and thus this blast of a Brisbane birthday gets over. What a dream day it has been! Fully spoilt by friends…

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  1. A
    25 October 2006 at 4:17 pm

    Looks like you had an awesome birthday! Sounds very interesting. Its great to have friends who plan out a wonderful birthday for you :-)!

  2. Jax
    26 October 2006 at 12:31 am

    Hmm… The size of your posts seems to be increasing a lot nowadays. 🙂

  3. Saravanan
    26 October 2006 at 1:17 am

    Your birthday!!! I didnt knew that. Belated wishes.

    sari antha Koala photovla en Koala blue color t shirt pottirukku 😉

  4. sk
    26 October 2006 at 1:41 am

    Hey nice account of your bday Sparkie. Sounds like one of the best birthdays. The pictures are too good.

  5. 26 October 2006 at 10:06 am

    yes A, Madhan’s gang is amazing.

    Jax, ama isn’t it good?

    saravana, neeyum gopi rangeku think panre.

    sk, neenga endha pix pathi solreenga? but definitely at this age, this calls for one of my best birthdays.

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