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Krakatoa and the Emperor Penguin

Well, the words in the title are not related to one another. Krakatoa is a book and March of the Penguins is a documentary. I like them both immensely and can heartily recommend them. History and geography have always been my favourite subjects. Though NZ does not have much of history, the book has more than made for it. It is so apt that I see the film when I am in the natural heaven of NZ. NZ also happens to be one of the closest places to Antarctica.

Penguins are sweet creatures and so is the film. The movie (taken with help from National Geographic and filmed in the coldest terrains of the world) is a heart-warming tale of how adult penguins make life-threatening journeys just to protect their eggs and new-born baby penguins. The photography is out of the world and the events are just incredible. Love for kids stands out in the movie. Just one sight – the way the emperor penguins march to their resting places – is nothing short of spectacular.

As for Krakatoa, I am only 100 pages far in the book. But the way the author Simon Winchester has talked about the Dutch East Indies empire, the zoogeographical divide in the Indonesian archipelago (one half having Asian mammals and the other Australian marsupials) and ‘continental drift’ has just blown my mind away. This book has history, geography and just about everything I like. The narration is fast-paced and quite eventful. I am sure when I finish the book, I shall want to read other books of his.

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  1. Jax
    6 November 2006 at 6:55 pm

    I loved the March of the Penguins too…

  2. A
    7 November 2006 at 7:24 pm

    Wow – krakatao – I remember reading about it in Geography when I was a kid! Will try to check if this one is there in the library.

  3. 7 November 2006 at 11:18 pm

    jax, i know i’m really late when it comes to movies and books.

    A, i dont even rememeber it in Geo, all the more enlightenment!

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