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Every weekend long

First things first. I can’t drive though I have an Indian car driving licence. In a car-crazy America, that is sin of the first order. My second big mistake is to have left that Indian licence back home so as not to carry many identities. So, I cannot even try to use it here and test some cars 😉 These make my weekends miserably boring and long. I am stuck to my suite and there is no public transport in my suburb on weekends. Damn, it all adds up. I carry a big bias against cabs. I haven’t been to downtown yet. That explains. So, what do I do on weekends? Talk to wife, eat, sleep, watch some stupid Tamil movie I downloaded on a torrent, …

It is strange to realize that I am practically immobile without a car here. I must learn to drive properly and believe that the car is not only for the others.

My colleagues have been nice to drive around me a few weekends. I don’t feel too nice to be at another’s mercy. I am hoping to have some friends visit me here. Another option I have is to rent some bikes (not the motorbikes) and cycle along some good trails around here. Sadly, the rentals equal my daily allowance. I have less than two months to go now and I don’t know if I will be able to see around yet. Why is America so fond of cars? 

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  1. 1 October 2007 at 1:08 am

    I know how it is. I stayed in a remote suburb of Connecticut without car for 3 days without knowing that Indian licenses work there, and that was how long I could tolerate. I then rented a car and life started rocking.

    As for your question ‘why is US so fond of cars’ – that’s asking why developed countries are developed. Their entire country is built around cars. Pluck that out, and they’d go to 1920’s! Our country is built for middle class and lower middle class people who can’t afford a car. Not affording a car is default in India. Cars are default in the US. Since you’ve got two months – can’t you try getting an SSN and apply for DL? Lot of people who are scared to drive in India start driving in the US… give a shot!

  2. 8 October 2007 at 1:27 am

    hey govar,
    you were also here only my question was just rhetorical 😉 my comparison is not with india, but with the other countries i’ve been to. but everywhere, i guess it’s the same in small cities. the big size of the US is probably one reason. btw, i cannot apply for an SSN as I am on a B1.

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