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I got a book

26 October 2007 2 comments

Well. Long long ago, I asked for a book from other friends and booklovers who also read this blog. Archu immediately shot off a mail, promising me one. When I got the book yesterday from Amazon, I was pleasantly thrilled.  The book is the Kite Runner and I’m already hooked up. I cannot thank her enough for this wonderful surprise, which also made my month 🙂

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Backpacker friendly, huh?

8 October 2007 2 comments

I have been lucky to see two of the most friendly countries for solo travellers on a budget. When you are checking that out, there is another such list which gives you more options. Some day, I will see Argentina and I will learn Spanish. The USA in its small cities is definitely not backpacker-friendly. There are some countries where you are better off earning your money, not spending it. That explains my almost-zero travel here. But I am excited at visiting friends in the Golden state (is it also called the Sunshine state?) next month.

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