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14 September 2010 4 comments

I did not realize that it has been a month since my last post. There are simply too many things to do here especially since summer has just ended. We got a car just in time though we don’t have our licenses yet. My reading picked up speed lately. The car helps us go to multiple libraries. Now I really like the fact that there are too many towns in NJ. Each has its own library, yippee…

I completed the Swedish Salander trilogy (top of every fiction bestseller list). I started with the last (got it after a wait at the local library). It was the slowest of the 3. I managed to finish the other two in as quick as 3 days. The trilogy has been the best thrillers I have read in a while. My reading picks in order are 1. The girl who played with Fire 2. The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest 3. The girl with the dragon tattoo. What is it about these Scandinavian countries that make them surprise us with these delightful books? One my all-time favourites is Sophie’s Garden and that was from Norway.

Another recent recommendation is a HBS memoir Ahead of  the Curve. I could recollect my dilemmas at Bschool and with my career in general. It is a delightfully narrated tale about a reluctant Brit’s experience with the most prized MBA in the world. What matters? The corporate success stories that are toasted at every convocation or the personal success stories (good work-life balance) that are forgotten the next minute! I prefer the work-life balance and so the book related quite well to me.

Another book I am currently reading is the Black Swan, a teasing smorgasbord of stories about philosophy, risk, uncertainty, history,  knowledge, …  but mostly about randomness, I guess. It is not an easy read so far but one that has been stimulating intellectually!

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