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Madrasle Sale mela

26 November 2005 4 comments

After reading about the holiday sales news here and here, I can only think it is not that different from what we do here. Of all the discount sales we went in college, the midnight sales in Jeans Park at Mount Road was a memorable one. It was their anniversary or some such thing. The offer went like this: 15% discount during regular hours – upto 10pm, 20-40% between 10 and 12 midnight and 50% and above beyond midnight. More importantly, it was for one day only. But such info spreads fast in a hostel. So it was a few of us including Lingesh who managed to scramble onto bikes own and borrowed to be on Mount Road. Any road after 12 is a pleasant and a peaceful sight. So was Mount Road. I love the route to Mount Road from CEG through Kotturpuram and Cenotaph Road (I love this name) for no reason.  You see the big house of SPIC, the Adyar Boat Club and the Dhaba Express on the way. Reaching there, we find a good crowd already in their first round of shopping. We were happily teasing each other and ogling at the few girls who had ventured out for their discount purchases. I picked up a Buffalo classic blue at 400 off 50%, the 30waist thing. No trials allowed, but still we had our pick. Those were college days and I restricted my purchase to just that jean. It served me faithfully for quite a few years and I started liking it, so much for materialism.

How will I forget my first sales at the plaza opposite Abirami Theatre in Purasawalkam, another shoppers’ delight? I got a multi-colour blue(?) Tshirt saying Tommy Hilfiger. I loved the Tommy Tommy doggy name, little knowing it to to be the famous fashion brand it is. I still wear it, almost 8 years after I first bought it. When they opened a store in Forum, Bangalore and I saw the prices they fix in their dresses, I am sure the one I got has to be fake, having retailed at 200. Fake or not, as long as I get good stuff, I am okay.

How can I forget TNagar, the original shoppers’ paradise with its Saravana Stores the biggest discount store? There was this rumour that 10rupee meals would be a reality sooner though I don’t know if they came around to giving it. There is this cassette shop at the corner of Renganathan Street, where we used to get our Ilayaraja songs. The shop was a treasure trove of all songs. Now, it must be all CDs, MP3s and DVDs. Just after the Saidapet bridge, we had a shop of Megamart, my first seconds shop experience. That was close and we would cycle past RajBhavan, the MTC bus depot and the bridge! Oh, Madras, I cannot wait to be back. So many things to do 🙂

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